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I want to go Expo 2010 in Shanghai!

Am going to Guangzhou 2 weeks later and am contemplating if I should do a quick flyover to Shanghai to visit the World Expo.

Look at the pavilions man! My oh my! Isn’t it a pity to miss a chance like this considering that this is the biggest World Expo in history! But time and money are the reasons holding me back. I only have 4 full days in GZ and I’ve work to do. Boo.

Let’s take visual tour now..

1) UK Pavilion

2) Danish Pavilion

3) Swiss Pavilion

4) French Pavilion

5) German Pavilion

6) Spanish Pavilion

And not forgetting the Singapore Pavilion:

Read more about the Singapore Pavilion here.

Anyways, it’s simply heaven for all who love design/architecture/interior etc etc. 189 of the world’s 196 nations are represented at this Expo!¬† It’s the world at your footstep!

Mmmmmm, should I or should I not.

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