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Some snippets of my sanctuary








Pretty vintage

Love love love! Both the vintage piece of furniture as well as the CAMERAS!


Via designspongeonline

‘Vinyl Records’ Clocks

You’d LOVE these clocks if ya a vintage lover!

Order here!

Prints & Pods

Have you been attending baby showers lately? Well, I have..countless of them!

I’d always go to the Cotton On Kids store at Anchorpoint cos they have really chic and cool baby wear. What’s more, it’s an outlet store hence the prices are very affordable! :)

OR you can purchase something online from here. They have really pwwwetty prints/wall art for kids’ rooms/nurseries. And cribs as well! Niceee.

Via ubabub.

Before and After

Have always loved the ‘before’ and ‘after’ designs on designspongeonline.

Always a pleasure to satisfy my visual cravings :)

Check these out!

Functional piece of furniture

Via Yanko Design.

So adorable

I want cushions like these for my kids in the future!

Via ishandchi

Mirror mirror on the wall

Love this princessy room!

Only if we have libraries like this…

I will hibernate there every weekends…

Small but Cosy!