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I also want to open a Cupcake shop!

The pastel hues and the minimalist design of this Melbourne store makes me yearn for my own version!

And the surroundings suggest that it’s situated at QVB? or Melbourne Central. Good ol Melbourne, I’m missing you!







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Future Of Photography

Reading ‘Microtrends‘ now and it’s struck me that spotting these non-mega trends are so important, yet easily overlooked, for business opportunities. Microtrends are not about shifts in behaviour; not about new preferences etc. But about a new intense, small and emerging group of people sharing some similar attributes which gives rise to some gaps (unmet needs and wants).

As with this article, spotting the microtrend in camera architecture has been neglected…

“…If you look at camera architecture, there’s a missed opportunity that the camera industry has brushed away….

With the first digital cameras, the industry was quick to replace the medium, film, with a sensor, but the rest stayed the same. But modern connectivity opens up a lot of different options, like being able to detach the lens from the viewfinder. What if you could go to a party, mount three or four lenses all over the room, and control them all wirelessly with one ‘camera’?…..”

Look at the possible prototype! It’s so cool!



Concept Camera: The WVIL from Artefact on Vimeo.

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Being elderly-friendly

With the world booming with silver population, product designers and/or businesses should all be mindful of the tweaks and nuances required to make it an elderly-friendly environment. They do hold some pension fund afterall. Good to target them :p But make it simple and fuss free.

Via Simple Genius: Intuitive Tech Devices For The Elderly | Co. Design.

John Clang’s Works

A series of photography works by my favourite photographer – John Clang.
Personal love is the Time series.

A series that involves recording a location, to show the passing of time in a montage style. Each strip of photograph in the montage is taken at a different time.

There is a sense of the intimate intricacy of how time moves, and how people are actually closer to one another, traveling in the same space with others, albeit at different times.”

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Black Tape

Open Wound

Yeps, a new mermaid logo


Ho Ho Ho

What would Santa Claus look like if he were Japanese?

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‘Vinyl Records’ Clocks

You’d LOVE these clocks if ya a vintage lover!

Order here!

Prints & Pods

Have you been attending baby showers lately? Well, I have..countless of them!

I’d always go to the Cotton On Kids store at Anchorpoint cos they have really chic and cool baby wear. What’s more, it’s an outlet store hence the prices are very affordable! :)

OR you can purchase something online from here. They have really pwwwetty prints/wall art for kids’ rooms/nurseries. And cribs as well! Niceee.

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Before and After

Have always loved the ‘before’ and ‘after’ designs on designspongeonline.

Always a pleasure to satisfy my visual cravings :)

Check these out!

2011 Calendar

New Year, new resolutions, new calendars.

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