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Growing up overnight

Not sure what got over me recently. Something triggered a lot of thoughts within me over the span of one week. These are not brand new thoughts. These are thoughts that have long existed in my head, but I never got around to consolidate and translate them into something meaningful.

It just feels like my life makes sense all of a sudden. Or maybe, I have made sense of what life’s about. The dormant part of me is erupting. Hur hur.

Like an epiphany.

Like my last 26 years was spent hibernating, relentlessly working for the sake of livelihood and mundanely taking everything around me for granted.

Does anyone feel that way overnight? To have a realisation of how or what your life should be.

It’s weird, but it’s true. I have woken up and have a new direction now. Such a cliche, hoho. How many of us plan our lives, career paths, finances etc? And how much of what we want to happen, happen? Do most of us lead lives randomly, or do many live with a purpose(s)?

For the past 1.5 years ever since I gave up flying (quite hastily), I’ve been wanderlusting everyday. Every Single Day. But I know I can’t/won’t go back. So it Sucks. Big. Time. Seeing your close friends still travelling around the world and saving 4-5 times more than what I have, I admit I have many a times, succumbed to the thought of (maybe, perhaps, possibly) going back to that kind of lifestyle job.

But slowly, that thought vanished as the day goes by. And right now, I think I can safely say I have gotten over that. My new realisation has made me value other things even more, and not hold back onto the old and unnecessary history.

This blog is also part of that epiphany.

So, in gist, I hope all of these new feelings I have are gonna lead me in the right direction :)

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