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How much is your FB fan page worth?

A research done by Vitrue found that a page with ONE million fans = at least $3.6 million worth of media value.

“That means a marketer posting twice a day can expect about 60 million impressions per month through the news feed,” Brandweek reports.

It was also revealed that brands that made an effort to connect and engage with friends perform best; highlighting the key element that differentiates social from traditional media. Brands that genuinely connect with its fans attract 3.6 impressions per fan, compared to a “corporate style” fanpage, which generates only 0.44 impressions.

Via penn-olsen.

Moral of the story – engage because you want to engage. Do not simply humanize your brand for the sake of wanting to ride on the social media wave. It will only backfire. I have done a tad too many campaigns like that in the past when the agency itself is not even capable in this aspect but yet, succumb to business pressure by promising the client the moon, stars and meteor, only to realise the lack of expertise thereafter.

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