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Social Media’s Real Potential..

..can be illustrated through these 5 campaigns which were executed successfully. Marketers talked about social media strategy, integrated communications campaign, but really? Do we/they all understand the beauty of it and how to leverage it positively for the brand? I think for Singapore, we need to work harder at understanding that.

IDEO: Five Companies That Mastered Social Media’s Branding Potential

Using FB status updates…

…to your co.’s advantage.

That’s what Skittles did earlier this month.

Fans’ FB status feeds will be ‘rainbow-fy’ in real-time, into a wacky video by a team of 15 staff at the ‘Rainbow Call Centre’.

The social media engagement campaign ran for two weeks after which fans can vote on their favourite video from the library on FB.

Fundamentally, same idea as Old Spice campaign. Real-time response campaign to catch the attention of users, particularly so in the age where Gen Z has duper uber short attention span. Really not rocket science, but why aren’t many companies recognising this?

Via MarketingWeek.

Scissors, paper, stone

“In a collaboration with MTV, Adidas Originals Japan launched a virtual Scissors, Paper, Stone game on twitter, where you get to bet off your Twitter followers.

Interesting :)

Orange Ballonacy Phase II

First came across this internet balloon race campaign in 2008. And Orange is launching it again this year!

Brilliant idea to make use of internet ‘mileage’ as the basis of competition. In 2008, 40,000 players picked a balloon (shaped like one of the Orange tariff animals) and set them free, floating across over 1,500 websites that had signed on to become part of the digital journey across the web, clocking up a whopping 63 million online miles.

‘In an age of related links and contextualisation, it’s nice to fly over websites that have no relationship to each other, other than they’re part of an epic race across the internet.’ Benjamin Tomlinson, creative director at Poke.
And I just found out – my favourite 2 social media campaigns of all time – Old Spice and Orange Balloonacy, were both developed by the same creative director – Iain Tait.

Crowdsourcing by Toyota

Crowdsourcing is so important, we see even car-maker Toyota is doing it, with the help of both offline and online media.

“Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), U.S.A. is rolling out “Ideas for Good”, a new brand campaign centred on the connection between its innovative automotive technology and benefits to society in the non-automotive space. Members of the public are inspired by the advertising campaign to find new, non-automotive applications for five distinct Toyota technologies to ultimately benefit society…..

…..The public can learn about Toyota’s technologies and how to share their ideas at, with ideas submitted before February 28, 2011 to be evaluated by independent judges. Winners of the challenge have the opportunity to bring their ideas to life by participating in a design session.”

Reminds me of Dell’s IdeaStorm and MyStarbucksIdeas. As much as the idea of crowdsourcing began 2-3 years ago, many companies are only jumping onto the bandwagon recently. Would be encouraging to see more corporations recognizing the need and doing some meaningful crowdsourcing.

Via theinspirationroom.

Jeep Twitter Puzzle

Cool! I’m always on the lookout for really out-of-the-box social media ideas to run an interesting and engaging campaign. This is one that has a refreshing take on using twitter profile pictures to piece together a jigsaw puzzle to win a prize.

Turning twitter into a virtual playground, with real engagement and no hard selling of products. Kudos!

Via theinspirationroom.

Evian Babies

I love babies, but the Evian babies are a tiny weeny bit to freaky in the 2009 Evian youtube viral video? Hmm

And according to the Guinness Book of Records, this is the most watched online ad in viewing history with over 60 million views and 54,000 comments.

Two videos, directed in the style of amateur films, showing babies trying to stand up on two feet, were hosted on, along with other social video sharing sites.

All I can say is ‘wow’.

Via theinspirationroom.

Get Real with Bobbi

Bobbi Brown’s social media campaign.

I’d think it’s nothing superbly out-of-the-box, but pretty good effort though.

This site features photos of 50 real women of all different complexions with before and after pictures. Visitors can review video portraits, face charts, application tips and a behind-the-scenes look of the Pretty Powerful campaign.

The idea was inspired by the fact that besides celebrities, real people endorsing the brand may add some authentic elements to it.

Social CRM – correct term?

Like this chart of summarising what SCRM is all about. But it is true though how ironic the naming is. Using “customer relationship management” is certainly not the most appropriate, knowing how customers cant be managed on social media platforms. They are kings/queens, even dictators in the social media arena. They manage what they want to know, they decide what they want to read, they choose who to follow/unlike.

Via Mashable.

Be on Times Square Billboard

Not long ago, think VS ran something similar as well. Submit a message or something and your picture + message get broadcast across the billboards in time square. Or was it some other retailer? Can’t really remember.

Well, the Mexican beer – Corona is joining in the fun. Here’s how it works: ”You “like” the Corona Light Facebook page. Once you do that, you get access to the Times Square app, which will let you upload a photo (at least 500×500) for use in a billboard the company will be running from November 8 to December 6.”

Via Mashable