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If Facebook became a book..

When Facebook becomes a book from Siavosh Zabeti on Vimeo.

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Be on Times Square Billboard

Not long ago, think VS ran something similar as well. Submit a message or something and your picture + message get broadcast across the billboards in time square. Or was it some other retailer? Can’t really remember.

Well, the Mexican beer – Corona is joining in the fun. Here’s how it works: ”You “like” the Corona Light Facebook page. Once you do that, you get access to the Times Square app, which will let you upload a photo (at least 500×500) for use in a billboard the company will be running from November 8 to December 6.”

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Applying Econs in Social Media

“Economist turned advertising executive Jason Harper sees an additional function: as a real-time laboratory for measuring how multimillion-dollar ad campaigns are succeeding or failing to drive product sales.”

“To gauge the predictive power of tweets and Facebook sign-ups, Harper borrowed the concepts of velocity and acceleration from the world of physics.”

“”Under Harper’s model, which he calls Velocity and Acceleration, the idea is to constantly measure the number of related tweets, blog mentions, and Facebook fan sign-ups during the campaign. By using calculus to compute the velocity, or rate of change, of the tweets and sign-ups, Harper can easily calculate any acceleration–the rate of change of velocity over time. Using these two metrics, Harper says, he can predict whether a mass marketing campaign will reach its overall goals within the first few days it begins running. The resulting curve typically takes a steep upward slope before leveling off, a pattern known in the industry as “the kick-ass curve.” Says Harper: “The idea is to predict the height of the plateau.”

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Facts about Social Gaming

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Easyjet FB App – Buy tics thru FB

Easyjet has recently launched an Holiday Planner within its Facebook fan page that allows fans to plan holidays together with their friends. And very soon, fans will also get to book air tics within this app.

“We are starting to get used to give up our brand websites to let interactions with the our brand to happen mostly on social media… but ecommerce… that’s another story. As a marketer, I don’t know if I’m ready for this. Interactions and relationships on Facebook are so volatile. Also, trust is so difficult to get. I appreciate it’s important to provide consumers with options but I can’t imagine the death of the website to be too close.”

I totally agree.

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