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Drive legally and save money

I’ve blogged about Volkswagen Fun Theory campaign here and here, and here’s a new fun action:

Love this campaign to bits! Idea behind it is to drive good behaviour by using fun elements. Totally fits the Volkswagen brand.

Volkswagen’s Fast Lane

I’ve blogged about the Fun Theory here.

Here’s another experiment involving the escalators and the stairs.

But I have to say it’s quite apt – ‘speeding life up a little’ notion with the fast lane – putting a slide right beside the escalator to represent that.


Volkswagen’s Fun Theory

I always believe that initiatives/campaigns proposed either internally by agencies or ”externally” driven by client, need to be maintained in a passionate way in order to make it work. And by passionate, I mean, people who are inspired from within to want to do it, instead of doing it simply cos of the ”I-was-told-to-do-it-as-part-of-my-job-scope” mindset.

Some initiatives work, some fail. Most of the time I feel, this has more to do with the people behind executing it (not the ideas people though) than the nature/objectives of the campaign.

Volkswagen in Sweden commissioned DDB to do up a ‘Fun Theory‘ site which uses the idea of  ‘fun’ to change people’s behaviour for the better. The public could submit videos/ideas and the winner got to win 2500 pounds. It could be anything, from encouraging people to take the stairs instead of the escalators, to making people obey the speed limit by making it fun to do so.

Check out some of the videos, and because the ultimate objective is to change people’s behavioural attitude for the better, I believe some of these ideas can be executed practically in many day-to-day situations :) All we need now is for the relevant authorities to hear the site out…hmm

Recycle-drinks-cans Vending Machine: