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Another Tourism Board Campaign…

…by Redworks, for the Visit Britain…and led by a diver friend of mine!

The Great Welsh Showdown

What a real interactive campaign by a Tourism Promo Board!

Love it.

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Aussie Land Tourism Promotion

Really have to give it to the Aussie Tourism Board for coming up with innovative ideas to promote tourism Down Under.

Best job in the world last year, and a nine week journey across Aussie land this year.

Cabbie ends 13,650km ride

SYDNEY – AN EPIC nine-week Australian taxi journey to promote tourism Down Under ended Sunday after taking in pristine beaches, desert wilderness and the rugged Outback.

The campaign, similar to last year’s highly successful ‘Best Job in the World’ promotion which netted a young British man to publicise Queensland’s attractions, included competitions to select the trip’s driver and passengers.

Doug Slater, chosen to be the driver for the 13,650-kilometre (8,460-mile) journey from the Western Australian capital Perth to the northern coastal town of Broome, said it was the ‘opportunity of a lifetime’. ‘The driving wasn’t the real concern for me… the rest of it kept me pretty busy,’ he told AFP, referring to the constant commentary on Western Australia’s attractions he maintained throughout.

Slater said the 11 couples who were his passengers, who came from Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Britain, New Zealand and Germany, were amazed at the amount of wildlife they saw – including deadly snakes, sharks and crocodiles. ‘My passengers’ minds were boggled by the wildlife we saw on the journey,’ said Slater, who was used to travelling the state thanks to his previous job as a livestock agent.

The campaign was inspired by that of a spinster who in the 1930s travelled thousands of kilometres over three months along Australia’s east coast from Melbourne to Darwin in a soft-top taxi. Officials believe it has already generated media exposure worth more than 2.6 million dollars (S$3.08 million), and reached a potential audience of 60 million people globally.

Slater, who beat more than 400 other people to win the role of driver, said he was sad the journey was at an end. But after flying back to Perth, he will begin the trip to Broome all over again – this time with his wife. — AFP

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