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Product Synergy

Yeps, totally agree with the fact that Google’s next step is really to look into making hardware specs consistent to prevent fragmentation, given its kind of business model with the myriad phone manufacturers (unlike Apple’s exclusive model). Otherwise, Google may die in its own hands if not managed properly. Luckily they realise this in time! I still love my Android!


 ”We heard last week that Google was suddenly being quite protective of its Android 3.0 Honeycomb code, and that the few OEM makers like Motorola who’d got their hands on the system may be just lucky early beneficiaries of Google’s OS. Now there’s more detailed information coming out of Google’s suppliers, that suggests Google has actually dramatically changed tack for its latest incarnation of Android. Compared to the free-for-all for prior Android versions, which has resulted in millions of sales but an incredible variety of Android-powered devices, not all of which result in customer satisfaction due to hardware foibles or inability to access the Marketplace to run apps, Google is pushing for strict hardware standardization for Honeycomb.”

Via FastCompany.

Social Media’s Real Potential..

..can be illustrated through these 5 campaigns which were executed successfully. Marketers talked about social media strategy, integrated communications campaign, but really? Do we/they all understand the beauty of it and how to leverage it positively for the brand? I think for Singapore, we need to work harder at understanding that.

IDEO: Five Companies That Mastered Social Media’s Branding Potential