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Camera Whores

(though this is probably only half of my camera collection) and some say I have too many cameras, look at this!

Chobi Mini Digital Camera

How small can a digital camera go?

True to being a real COMPACT camera.

Via likecool.

120 film – Analogue Love

Ever since I bought my first lomo 120film Diana+ from Urban Outfitters 3 yrs back in San Francisco, I have fallen in love with analogue photography. Sadly, I can’t indulge as much as I’d love to, due to the high costs of buying films, developing negatives and sometimes printing too.

And speaking of films, 120 film is still rather common. Polaroid 600 films are like extinct..! The regular photolab I used to go to (for instant prints occasionally)  at TBP  has run out of stock!!! It was sadness until recently, The Impossible Project manages to revive the spirit of Polaroids! Have yet to make my way to 8storeytree to purchase the PX100 Silver Shade Instant Film. Will do so when I feel rich. I mean, richer.

Anyways, the point of this post is to feature the work of talented design student, Linna Xu. She re-designed the packing for Ilford 120 film in the form of a Twins Lens Reflex (TLR) Camera – one of the earliest cameras in history to use 120 films! What’s more apt than this right!

Furthermore, the packing doubles up as a pinhole camera. It provides full assembly instructions for people who simply love DIY. K, an ex-designer-colleague of mine, is one of those who is into hands-on assembly for cameras etc. Last I heard, he did up the Gakkenflex. Not bad I must say, I can’t even ‘gao dim’ the modification of my Konica Wai Wai. Loserish me.

Anyhows and anyways, check out the re-designed TLR packaging for Ilford 120:

Via thedieline.