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Youtique by FCUK

A simple idea. Making use of resources that are readily available to us in the online arena and turning that into an asset for the brand.

Youtique by FCUK.

Wear your polaroids

I want to wear my own polaroids too.

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Outré Singapore

Just as I thought we lack Singaporeans with style on the streets of this sunny island (as compared to Europe), I found Outré Singapore – a blog by James Bent, a New Zealander based in Singapore. Very much like thesartorialist, they started their blogs with the intention of sharing photographs of ordinary people on the streets as an inspiration to others and probably themselves too.

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Chanced upon this online shop, and aren’t these 2 dresses are lovely!

Stud-izzle Dress

Teal Bird Dress

Street Fashion (From all over the world)

I miss jetsetting!!

and wearing thick and flurry winter clothing!

why do they all look sooooooo goooood

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Forever 21 Beauty & the Beach

Seems like these photos are taken at Brighton Beach, Melbourne – the one beach I did not go during uni days! Argh!


Catch a pair of Jimmy Choos!

Jimmy Choo is organizing a real-time treasure hunt around London via Foursquare.

One pair of Jimmy Choo trainers will check in at various locations and those who follow the campaign and are lucky enough to arrive at a venue before the trainers leave will get to pick a pair in the style and size of their choosing.

First time Jimmy Choo is delving into the social media realm by using Foursquare to engage their fans online and offline.

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