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Chinese Parenting Model

A contentious article which has many American mothers screamed at I suppose?

Rather sweeping statements for some pointers, but I have to agree with author though.

“A lot of people wonder how Chinese parents raise such stereotypically successful kids. They wonder what these parents do to produce so many math whizzes and music prodigies, what it’s like inside the family, and whether they could do it too. Well, I can tell them, because I’ve done it. Here are some things my daughters, Sophia and Louisa, were never allowed to do:

• attend a sleepover

• have a playdate

• be in a school play

• complain about not being in a school play

• watch TV or play computer games

• choose their own extracurricular activities

• get any grade less than an A

• not be the No. 1 student in every subject except gym and drama

• play any instrument other than the piano or violin

• not play the piano or violin.”

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Freckles can be sexy

80s Disco

World Cup Socks

For those die-hard fans out there – get them from Happy Socks.

By New York-based design collective Wong Wong.

Roller (Coasters)

I am a sucker for quirky stuff:

Are you a girl or a guy?

Let this colour test make the judgement ;p

(Via xkcd)

Have fun thinking

Thinking Is Fun from Davis Silis on Vimeo.

Old Archives of The Straits Times

Do you know you can check out the digital archive of historic and current English & Malayu Papers?

All the way from 1845 to 2006. All thanks to National Library Board.

What happened on the day I was born.

Learn something new every day

and learn it here!

I love this website to bits!

Do you know that high heels were originally meant for men? And that there is enough fats in the human body to be made into 7 bars of soap? And the King of Hearts is the only king who doesn’t have a moustache in your poker cards while Mona Lisa has no eyebrow? And the creators of Adidas and Puma are brothers??

Oh oh, and how about this: You can’t name a folder ‘Con’ in Microsoft Windows! What the!!!!

Learn new quirky facts everyday and what’s best – you can choose to have them printed on t-shirts. Hmm, I’d believe there will be a much higher appeal if this gets expanded to a whole range of products such as mugs, puzzles, greeting cards, canvas prints etc etc? yes no maybe?

Via geeksugar.

Let’s all be inspired

Getting inspired is soooo energising I believe we ALL need in order to keep us sane in this world of rat race everywhere.

My heart palpates, mind goes racing, eyeballs almost pop out when inspirations kick in, and especially so if I find like-minded people whom I can exchange ideas and interact with.

Without motivations like this, my (already super uber duper ordinary) life will only fade into inexistence, and succumb into living like a walking zombie :(

Only a handful of people I know make me feel like this and I thank them for whatever insights I gain from chatting with them.

Thank you.