fly me high, high up.


High from Paint

I seriously got high from watching these cutesy little droplets of paint jump and dance around.

Canon Pixma: Bringing colour to life from Dentsu London on Vimeo.

Can easily use it as an idea for a paint brand ad :p

And the mechanics behind the photoshoot!

“The ‘colour sculptures’ were created by stretching a balloon over a speaker to form a membrane.  A few drops of paint were then placed in the centre of the balloon and a single sharp note was played through the speaker, causing the paint to erupt for just a fraction of a second.”

via Dentsu London Blog

Youtique by FCUK

A simple idea. Making use of resources that are readily available to us in the online arena and turning that into an asset for the brand.

Youtique by FCUK.

“in social media..relevance is more important than creativity”

Dulux’s ‘Let’s Colour’ Campaign’s mastermind is in town!

I’ve blogged about this before. A low involvement product turned into a high involvement project. Brilliant campaign. The brain behind the project speaks.

Too bad I won’t have the luxury of hearing her speak at the Social Media Forum (co. not sponsoring :( ), but I will be going for the free exhibition next week at Suntec!

Another Tourism Board Campaign…

…by Redworks, for the Visit Britain…and led by a diver friend of mine!

The Great Welsh Showdown