fly me high, high up.


Hi Sexy

Cookie Splash

Magnifying that instant.

(Via De Vetpan Studios)


Interesting collages by donttouchmymoleskin.

Herme Spring

Photographer Tim Walker for Hermes spring.

Looking down or floating up?

Camera Whores

(though this is probably only half of my camera collection) and some say I have too many cameras, look at this!

Wear your polaroids

I want to wear my own polaroids too.

(Via snap happy)

So Sweet

A Popsicle Picnic Wedding

What a simple and creative wedding affair! Love the pastel hues of the photos.

The couple “asked their friends and family to bring picnic style food and everyone sat on blankets in the grass with all the beautiful paper cranes hanging on the tree limbs above.”

Tilt-shift Photography

Tilt-shift photography. Or Diorama effect (sometimes it’s called).

Refers to the use of camera movements on small- and medium-format cameras, and sometimes specifically refers to the use of tilt for selective focus, often for simulating a miniature scene. (Wikipedia)

Some compact cameras, after Olympus first announced having this filter in EP-2, followed suit and introduced this mode as a special feature. It can be interesting, considering how you can make buildings, people etc look cartoon-ish. As if they are ‘ma-sak’ (toys).

“The process of achieving the diorama effect essentially works around shifting or reducing the depth of field in a shot,” explains Ben Thomas, a Melbourne-based photographer. “This can be done one of two ways; you can change the depth of field in the shot with a tilt-shift lens, or you can use Photoshop (or similar) to do the same thing, with a lot more freedom.

It’s not exactly easy to achieve the desired effect, but Same O’Hare, Aero Director/ VFX artist, produced The Sandpit – a time lapse, tilt-shift film of New York life (made up of over 35,000 stills in five days).

It’s cute :) The excellent miniature effect makes one wonder if these were real life photographs at all or not.

The Sandpit from Sam O’Hare on Vimeo.

My first professional studio photoshoot

Got inspired by a friend and rented a studio for a couple of hours at Cam2Rent last week. It was totally impromptu, and I managed to get A to be my model.

Professional lighting was set up for me and I got to use the studio’s Canon 5D Mark II. It was heavy, but awesome! Or was it the lighting. The photos look brilliant! Or maybe it’s just the photographer! Haha.

Aren’t they niceeeee…I’m quite happy with the shots. And this is my favourite of the lot:

Haven’t had time to upload most of my photos (analogue and digital) onto my photostream yet. Wait till I’ve got more free time….