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Etsy Finds

When your day is no good or when PMS hits and you need something to soothe your mind and soul – check out etsy.

Etsy is basically the artsy fartsy equivalent of ebay.

You can subscribe to Etsy Finds and you get a mail everyday notifying you of the latest stuff/trends they have. Or visit Etsy Pick of the Day blog.

Check out some of the stuff I have seen in my mails lately.

Or, if you are into photography with a tint of vintage and whimsical mood, there are loads to please your visual soul:

via Squidart

via fidgetblogs

via bomobob


I didn’t know Illuma is THIS big. It certainly doesn’t look huge on the outside, but man, it’s relatively gigantic for a mall I would say.

Love a few of the art installations/displays there.