fly me high, high up.


I love russian dolls

So does my niece :)

Send your love!

Send your love to someone far far away ;)

and you get this!

Via mapenvelope.

I want my everyday life to be like this

Future of ATM, possibly

A bank which truly understands consumers, and willing to go the extra mile.

The Future of Self-Service Banking from IDEO on Vimeo.

Travel Posters from the US

(Via The Heads of State)


Nice staging platform

Ice (cube) coffee

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Shred your days away

See your days get torn, literally.

By German designer Susanna Hertrich.

(Via Dezeen)

Stefan Sagmeister’s Darwin Chair

Peel each layer off as it gets torn, and you get a new piece of artwork – right there in your living room on your CHAIR!

By Stefan Sagmeister.

(Via Dezeen)

Stefan Sagmeister, when he was in town for BE2010 beginning this year!