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I am into TTV – through-the-viewfinder photography.

Basically, you get a TLR (twin lens flex camera) and then use your compact camera or DSLR and shoot through the viewfinder. It’s not as easy as it sounds (I got misled too), cos there can be reflection off the viewfinder, and focusing can be a problem too. You would need to create a contraption like this to block out the light:

Anyways, my first successful attempt at Phuket Karon beach are as such (more here):

Look at some of the more professionally done TTV photograph I saw found online:

Don’t these put you in a dreamy mood already?

One more day to the long weekend for me!

Etsy Finds

When your day is no good or when PMS hits and you need something to soothe your mind and soul – check out etsy.

Etsy is basically the artsy fartsy equivalent of ebay.

You can subscribe to Etsy Finds and you get a mail everyday notifying you of the latest stuff/trends they have. Or visit Etsy Pick of the Day blog.

Check out some of the stuff I have seen in my mails lately.

Or, if you are into photography with a tint of vintage and whimsical mood, there are loads to please your visual soul:

via Squidart

via fidgetblogs

via bomobob