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Singapore Pavilion – World Expo

Singapore pavilion

Covered in protruding tabs, the round building is intended to represent the workings of a child’s musical box.

Pavilion Features

The music-box-like Singapore Pavilion is a two-story structure with an “Urban Symphony” theme. The theme is inspired by the harmony of unique elements in Singapore: progress and sustainability, urbanization and greenery, tradition and modernity and a cosmopolitan mix of residents of different races living peacefully together.

Singapore pavilion

Pavilion Display

The two environmental aspects that Singapore has successfully tackled in balancing progress with sustainability – water and garden – form the softscape of the pavilion as its two design elements. The pavilion incorporates an orchestra of elements into its design – music fountains, an interplay of sounds and visuals, and roof garden flora, with the country’s unique rhythm and melody.

Singapore pavilion

Highlight 1: Unique Design

Unique Design Supported by four columns of different profiles, the entire structural system features floors of different shapes and sizes, connected by ramps and stairs suspended from trusses smoothly, to form a tensional balance, which symbolizes a harmonious coexistence of people who live, work and have fun in Singapore.

Singapore pavilion

Highlight 2: “Hanging Garden”

“Hanging Garden” The unique Singapore experience will culminate in the “Hanging Garden” – a rooftop garden landscaped with mysterious flora and music fountains. Here visitors will get a first-hand feel of Singapore as a Garden City.

Singapore pavilion

Highlight 3: Environmental Protection

Singapore Pavilion also highlights its environment-friendly design. Facade slits and chilled water along the perimeter of the ground floor centre space will help reduce massive energy consumption whilst recyclable building materials will feature extensively.

Singapore pavilion

Highlight 4: Beautiful Night View

Beautiful Night View Fountains at the square outside of the pavilion is a prelude of “Urban Symphony”. When night falls, dazzling light rays flow out from the interlaced windows and facade slits, rendering the “Music Box” with more charming beauties.

Architecture by by Kay Ngee Tan Architects.
Photos by Montse Zamorano.


Doesn’t this architecture remind one of The Interlace?

VitraHaus by Herzog & de Meuron

The Interlace, Singapore

A hotel so ‘Netherlands’

Stunning. The hotel is made to look like stack houses, and in a way that reflects the country’s rich cultural/architectural history.

I so wanna go there and take photos of this fine architecture from all angles.

(Via designmilk)

Ferrari World Theme Park

Largest indoor theme park in the world.

In Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. Somehow, Abu Dhabi seems to be the hip town now. 3.5 yrs back, when I had to spend 2007 New Year Countdown in Abu Dhabi, nobody had a clue where the funny-sounding country is. But now, it seems to be the country to be in.

Anyways, back to the theme park. According to the official news we found on the Ferrari site: “Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is set to be the world’s largest indoor theme park, sitting under a roof designed in the style of a classic double-curve body shell of a Ferrari. There is energy, excitement and passion for the entire family at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. With over 20 rides and attractions, including the world’s fastest roller coaster, Ferrari World is more than a theme park – it is the total Ferrari experience.

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Before & after

Adore all the lovely and magical transformations of furniture pieces that are regularly featured on designspongeonline!


A circus-themed room!

A CIRCUS room! I want this for my kids next time :p

“…a circus themed room that where whimsical and functional manage to somehow meet..”

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Expo DVD

I did not end up going to Shanghai to see the Expo, but bought the DVD from a news-stand in Guangzhou instead!

(Via YesAsia)

Can’t wait to watch it and be inspired by all the architecture of the pavilions etc!

Scandinavian Apartment

I love Scandinavian interior design! Simple, uncluttered and cosy! The big windows add sunshine to the whole apartment. Wouldn’t this brighten anybody’s day? Even Monday blues do not exist in a house like this.


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I want to go Expo 2010 in Shanghai!

Am going to Guangzhou 2 weeks later and am contemplating if I should do a quick flyover to Shanghai to visit the World Expo.

Look at the pavilions man! My oh my! Isn’t it a pity to miss a chance like this considering that this is the biggest World Expo in history! But time and money are the reasons holding me back. I only have 4 full days in GZ and I’ve work to do. Boo.

Let’s take visual tour now..

1) UK Pavilion

2) Danish Pavilion

3) Swiss Pavilion

4) French Pavilion

5) German Pavilion

6) Spanish Pavilion

And not forgetting the Singapore Pavilion:

Read more about the Singapore Pavilion here.

Anyways, it’s simply heaven for all who love design/architecture/interior etc etc. 189 of the world’s 196 nations are represented at this Expo!  It’s the world at your footstep!

Mmmmmm, should I or should I not.

Nicest carpark ever

A newly-opened car park in Miami by Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron.

Via dezeen.