fly me high, high up.


80s Disco

Travel Posters from the US

(Via The Heads of State)


Nice staging platform

Miss those paper dolls?

Here are some from Mrs Lilien.

The Faraway Tree

I swear I really imagined there were faraway trees just like how Enid Blyton described it.


Have been craving for one of these!

Spotted in BKK Ratchada market – gave it a miss.

Saw it again in Canton – decided against buying too, cos I thought it will just be useless lying somewhere in storage since I most prob will not be trading my cordless phone in the room for this.

But it’s so adorable and retro I am motivated to buy as a home decor item for my future home? hrmm.

World Cup Socks

For those die-hard fans out there – get them from Happy Socks.

By New York-based design collective Wong Wong.

Roller (Coasters)

I am a sucker for quirky stuff:

Are you a girl or a guy?

Let this colour test make the judgement ;p

(Via xkcd)