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My first professional studio photoshoot

Got inspired by a friend and rented a studio for a couple of hours at Cam2Rent last week. It was totally impromptu, and I managed to get A to be my model.

Professional lighting was set up for me and I got to use the studio’s Canon 5D Mark II. It was heavy, but awesome! Or was it the lighting. The photos look brilliant! Or maybe it’s just the photographer! Haha.

Aren’t they niceeeee…I’m quite happy with the shots. And this is my favourite of the lot:

Haven’t had time to upload most of my photos (analogue and digital) onto my photostream yet. Wait till I’ve got more free time….

Print vs Social Media

A Swedish viral campaign mocks at social media hype.

But seriously, it’s about how one integrates offline and online media, and not one versus another.