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Scandinavian Apartment

I love Scandinavian interior design! Simple, uncluttered and cosy! The big windows add sunshine to the whole apartment. Wouldn’t this brighten anybody’s day? Even Monday blues do not exist in a house like this.


(Via freshome)

Paris Ikea Outdoor Campaign

Paris Ikea had 4 highest traffic train stations lined with their sofas on the waiting platform. Bold outdoor marketing idea. But a comfy one I must say. Only problem is, at the end of the 2-week stint, there could be some graffiti/paint sprayed over the sofas considering how much of a graffiti culture the europeans have.

But seriously, our dear SMRT should give such allowance in SG too, we commuters need a cosy waiting environment with really nice sofas to snuggle in while waiting for the trains which never have any available seats.

(Via freshome)