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Magic of Movie-Making

So Iron Man’s house looks really posh perched on this edge of a hill, but it doesn’t exist in real life! It’s all CG! The film’s director Jon Favreau explains that the exterior shots of the house are keyed in on, ” a bluff called Point Dume in Malibu that is a National Park, so people in Los Angeles will recognize it. It’s sort of like the best spot and nobody is allowed to build there, but we put a digital house there.”

Sighs, we all got fooled, hoping that there is some element of reality to it. Guess we all secretly wish to own a piece of heaven like this ourselves.

Here is another video from Perception (the studio that did part of the visual effects for Iron Man 2) that show a few behind the scenes shots of the technology behind Iron Man 2.
Man, can’t imagine how hilarious the actual acting scenes were when they were all holding dummy ‘gadgets’! hah!

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Diesel Cam vs. Levi’s Like

So Levi’s has given online shopping a brand new experience by having ‘FB Like’ button on each and every single item on their online shop so that you can share with your FB friends what you like and vice versa, see what your friends like; while Diesel, on the other hand, has raised the bar even higher – by incorporating FB into a brick and-mortar outlet.


“This is the Diesel store in Spain and while people like Levi’s have been busy building in the new Facebook ’like’ functionality into their online stores, Diesel has been integrating Facebook into a real-world store and they’ve called it Diesel Cam. It’s a touchscreen system that sits outside the change rooms and allows customers to take photos of themselves, crop them to their liking, add a comment and then to instantly upload them to Facebook. It’s essentially a social mirror and ties perfectly into how the current shopping experience is evolving!”

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Hidden Pizza Case Study Video

A video of the Hidden Pizza Case Study that I blogged about earlier.