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‘Vinyl Records’ Clocks

You’d LOVE these clocks if ya a vintage lover!

Order here!

Smart Phone Hunt

Watching this Smart Phone Hunt (in Sweden) only reminds me what I had previously done for an ex-phone-maker client. We had an ‘Amazing Race’ of sorts challenge too! It was incredibly fun! My oh my, I miss fun accounts :(

“DDB Stockholm sent Swedes onto the streets in this smart phone scavenger hunt for Telia. The agency set 15 of the phones atop various roving vehicles and creatures, broadcasting their video footage online along with clues to their location. The first players to find the phones and speak into their cameras won them.”

Via creativityonline.

Prints & Pods

Have you been attending baby showers lately? Well, I have..countless of them!

I’d always go to the Cotton On Kids store at Anchorpoint cos they have really chic and cool baby wear. What’s more, it’s an outlet store hence the prices are very affordable! :)

OR you can purchase something online from here. They have really pwwwetty prints/wall art for kids’ rooms/nurseries. And cribs as well! Niceee.

Via ubabub.

Before and After

Have always loved the ‘before’ and ‘after’ designs on designspongeonline.

Always a pleasure to satisfy my visual cravings :)

Check these out!