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Movie Trailer or what!

By directors Alex & Steffen at for Batelco (Bahrain Telecommunications Company).

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Scan the barcodes…

at Gatwick Airport, to watch “a short video and some photographs detailing the changes taking place at the airport, turning the hoardings into a digitally interactive object.”

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Port Authority Installation

Love this outdoor media installation by Starbucks!

Kept you reading and walking at the same time.

I miss going to Woodbury from Port Authority Terminal!! AWWWW!

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Doritos-Guitar Hero

An awkward rocker-wanna-be-turned-GuitarHero-hero.

Interesting enough video to entice me to watch all the way to the end.

Ikea Assembly Campaign

Help, Oops, Shit!

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Harvey Nicholas Print Advertising Campaign

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How much beer does one need

Witty witty.

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