fly me high, high up.



A public welfare ad going on in Taiwan now to basically drive the message of loving your own life, and caring for the weak, young, and the disabled.

It’s something we all know at the back of our minds but not do much to appreciate the people around us, just because we take things for granted. Particularly in this urban rat race we all entangled in.

I can’t speak for others, but at least for myself, I make an effort (almost) everyday to treasure the things and loved ones around me. I may not show that explicitly, but the thought is certainly somewhere in my mind.

Saw a headline on a Chinese tabloid yesterday that says how a guy cursed and swore at the (dead) man who died in a car accident on the highway for making him late and pay for extra ERP. Totally WTF. WTH is wrong with these people? Do they not have compassion? Are they not someone’s loved ones? Can’t they just be more understanding??

Oh well. Urban mentality I guess. It’s all about time and money.

I believe in karma.