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My foresights

Was digging my old files to find a deck to submit for a Presentation Skills workshop to be held held next week, and found a word doc that documents the ingenious ideas (haha!) I came up with when I was a PM at another agency more than 1 year back.

Not only are these ideas NOT a thing of the past, they are still very very much applicable to present social mediascape!

Note: all the below ideas are proprietary and copyrighted.


1) Charities

  • FB app to build a village / a city by online users who has chosen to add the app.
  • A variety of items (trees, shops, roads, billboards, vehicles etc etc) for users to buy and place wherever they would like to build the village.
  • Each item will have a price attached, for which users have to make a real payment for the designated charity at the end of the (1-month) campaign.
  • Participated users will automatically qualify for a lucky draw (sponsors).

2) Cosmetics Brands

  • Many users are afraid to buy make up over counter as they are not sure how it looks like on their faces. By allowing them to try digitally, they can be assured of the effect they want.
  • Microsite with all the makeup as tools at the sidebar
    • Mascara
    • Lipsticks
    • Blushers
    • Eyeshadows
    • Eyeliners etc
  • Users to upload a front-facing photo of themselves
  • Users get to experiment and see how the effect is like by using the different make up on their faces
  • Guides /videos at the side to provide makeup tips

3) Telco Operator

  • E.g. Starhub
  • Objective: To earn hubber points to redeem for more outgoing talktime or free smses or $20 off phone bill OR to complement the roll out of a new product/plan etc
  • FB app
  • Network marketing concept (‘Tree Diagram’)
  • Start a group (Criteria: Only Starhub users who subscribes to all 3 services – cable, mobile, broadband can choose to start a group)
  • Recruit as many team members (Starhub subscribers for any services) as possible
  • The more team members under a person, the more points the person gets
  • The more services subscribed, the more points
  • Leaderboard to keep track
  • Weekly lucky draw
  • Objective: To entice users to switch to Starhub; To create more incentives for existing subscribers to subscribe to more Starhub services.

4) Retail outlets (clothing, shoes, watch etc

  • Upload photos of themselves wearing the brand’s item on the microsite
  • By online polling system, users get to vote the best looking picture that showcases the item well
  • Winner rewarded with $1000 shopping voucher or a year’s free purchases

5) Ministry of Manpower – Social awareness campaign

  • Objective: To correct the perception of general public towards foreign workers (background context: Foreign workers dorms)
  • Create a microsite with something like a word map – many pieces of post-it notes
  • Every single post-it note includes a statement by a foreign worker regarding their lives (such as how glad they are to be working here, what they do on weekends, how they not pose a risk to locals etc)
  • E.g. “I love to work in Singapore”
  • “Weekends are the only time I meet up with my friends”
  • Make it real, make it personal for locals to understand foreigners better
  • Comment section for public to leave comments

6) Sentosa New Year’s Eve Party

  • Create a microsite for users to fill in their resolutions for next year
  • “If there is one thing I want to change about myself, it would be ___________________________________________________________”
  • Or
  • If there’s one thing I want to change about the world, it would be ___________________________________________________________”
  • Users get to vote
  • Winner gets VIP tickets for 10, free alcohol and party with celebrities



Tiger’s Latest $0 Deal

If only my GZ trip is not next month, I will surely choose to go Krabi with Tiger’s latest deal!

Growing up overnight

Not sure what got over me recently. Something triggered a lot of thoughts within me over the span of one week. These are not brand new thoughts. These are thoughts that have long existed in my head, but I never got around to consolidate and translate them into something meaningful.

It just feels like my life makes sense all of a sudden. Or maybe, I have made sense of what life’s about. The dormant part of me is erupting. Hur hur.

Like an epiphany.

Like my last 26 years was spent hibernating, relentlessly working for the sake of livelihood and mundanely taking everything around me for granted.

Does anyone feel that way overnight? To have a realisation of how or what your life should be.

It’s weird, but it’s true. I have woken up and have a new direction now. Such a cliche, hoho. How many of us plan our lives, career paths, finances etc? And how much of what we want to happen, happen? Do most of us lead lives randomly, or do many live with a purpose(s)?

For the past 1.5 years ever since I gave up flying (quite hastily), I’ve been wanderlusting everyday. Every Single Day. But I know I can’t/won’t go back. So it Sucks. Big. Time. Seeing your close friends still travelling around the world and saving 4-5 times more than what I have, I admit I have many a times, succumbed to the thought of (maybe, perhaps, possibly) going back to that kind of lifestyle job.

But slowly, that thought vanished as the day goes by. And right now, I think I can safely say I have gotten over that. My new realisation has made me value other things even more, and not hold back onto the old and unnecessary history.

This blog is also part of that epiphany.

So, in gist, I hope all of these new feelings I have are gonna lead me in the right direction :)