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I agree with Seth Godin – Expose Yourself

…especially in this age of virtual interaction with practically everything you can think of.

“Expose yourself to art, and you’ll come to appreciate it and aspire to make it.

Expose yourself to anonymous scathing critics and you will begin to believe them (or flinch in anticipation of their next appearance.)

Expose yourself to get-rich-quick stories and you’ll want to become one.

Expose yourself to fast food ads and you’ll crave french fries.

Expose yourself to angry mobs of uninformed, easily manipulated protesters and you’ll want to join a mob.

Expose yourself to metrics about your brand or business or performance and you’ll work to improve them.

Expose yourself to anger and you might get angry too.

Expose yourself to people making smart decisions and you’ll probably learn how to do it as well.

Expose yourself to eager long-term investors (of every kind) and you’ll likely to start making what they want to support.

It’s a choice if you want it to be.”

Via sethgodinblog.

How much is your FB fan page worth?

A research done by Vitrue found that a page with ONE million fans = at least $3.6 million worth of media value.

“That means a marketer posting twice a day can expect about 60 million impressions per month through the news feed,” Brandweek reports.

It was also revealed that brands that made an effort to connect and engage with friends perform best; highlighting the key element that differentiates social from traditional media. Brands that genuinely connect with its fans attract 3.6 impressions per fan, compared to a “corporate style” fanpage, which generates only 0.44 impressions.

Via penn-olsen.

Moral of the story – engage because you want to engage. Do not simply humanize your brand for the sake of wanting to ride on the social media wave. It will only backfire. I have done a tad too many campaigns like that in the past when the agency itself is not even capable in this aspect but yet, succumb to business pressure by promising the client the moon, stars and meteor, only to realise the lack of expertise thereafter.


It’s coming!

14 April 2010!

Am I gonna be watching with A and S – the girlies, again??

Clever Little (Shoe) Bag

Marvelous! With care and concern to Mother Earth too.

“the “clever little bag” combines the two packaging components of any shoe sale—the bag and the box—with high-tech ingenuity.

The bag tightly wraps an interior cardboard scaffolding—giving it shape and reducing cardboard use by 65%. Moreover, without that shiny box exterior, there’s no laminated cardboard (which interferes with recycling). There’s no tissue paper inside. And there’s no throw-away plastic bag. The bag itself is made of recycled PET, and it’s non-woven—woven fibers increase density and materials use—and stitched with heat, so that it’s less manufacturing intensive.”

Via gizmodo.

Singapore Int’t Film Fest 2010

Check out the schedule!

The last film fest I went was in 2006! OMG. It was a beautiful film about group suicides in Japan. Dark story but it was beautifully done.

And thereafter, every year, I have been dying to watch another film of equal, if not better, calibre. But I have no such luck.

Will I get to watch something this year??

Opening Film – Mao’s Last Dancer

Some films that I’m very keen in watching:

His and Hers


Sex Volunteer



And of cos not forgetting one of my favourite genres – DANCE.

A Year with Take Dance

So many films, so little time.

Lofts Yungay II in Chile

My uni days in Melby made one of my dreams come true – to live in contemporary-looking townhouses and/or apartments.

I’ve resigned to the fact that this little fantasy can come true anywhere but SG. No way can I afford such luxury in space-constrained SG and money-starved pockets of mine. Home is merely a 3-room flat for me now.

But I’ve always loved architecture/interior decor stuff. Look at this row of candy-looking houses in Chile. They are simply yummy!

And the clean and sleek interiors!

Pls the awesom-est view!

Via archdaily.

Burberry Prorsum Vintage House Check Tote

Love this to bits!

But branded bags is really a thing of the past for me :(

No more flying, no more buying.

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