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Forever 21 Beauty & the Beach

Seems like these photos are taken at Brighton Beach, Melbourne – the one beach I did not go during uni days! Argh!


Catch a pair of Jimmy Choos!

Jimmy Choo is organizing a real-time treasure hunt around London via Foursquare.

One pair of Jimmy Choo trainers will check in at various locations and those who follow the campaign and are lucky enough to arrive at a venue before the trainers leave will get to pick a pair in the style and size of their choosing.

First time Jimmy Choo is delving into the social media realm by using Foursquare to engage their fans online and offline.

(Via mashable)

The Story of Bottled Water

We are all aware of the story of manufactured demand – corporations create demand consumers do not need and deploy tactics like seduction, creation of fear etc to make us ‘suckers’ for their brands/products.

I do agree bottled water provides the convenience for those on the go who have conveniently forgotten to bring their own water bottles, but I am sure this is all up to the individuals.

I bring my 750ml water bottle everyday for lunches! Ice Mountain outside is just too expensive :(

(there is also a website by the Story of Stuff Project)

Control a video with mobile phone

Controlling a video on a website using your mobile phone – taking interactivity to a higher level :)

The campaign by Orange uses WOM through mobile & internet without any paid media in France. In 10 days, with no advertising, had 1 million unique visitors on the web site and 1.5 millions visits.

Chinese Viral Campaign by Lipton Milk Tea takes off

Lipton Milk Tea created a viral campaign earlier this year to celebrate Chinese New Year by launching it on China’s biggest IM and social networking site QQ.

There is a website where people get to send a customisable Chinese New Year greeting (made of Lipton milk tea steam) by selecting one of 3 videos (school girl dance, rock band or a mime act) that was shot in first person to reach out to recipients on a more personal level. Senders can even upload their own faces onto the lead character’s heads to hike up the entertainment value!

Maybe the Lipton guys got inspired by JibJab dancing ecards somehow?