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Yeps, we do not create social media strategies..

…instead, we need ‘to incorporate social media into everything that they (clients) do’.

No, I cannot help you create a social media strategy!

Sexyback by Corinne Bailey Rae

Sexyback is one of my favourite songs of all time and Corrine Bailey Rae’s rendition has it so tastefully done it’s one of those songs you wanna hear on a Sunday afternoon, all locked up in the comfort of your own room, just lazing around and chill.

Social Media for the Sociable Government

Maybe SG government can learn a trick an app or two here from the US govt.

How Social Media can effect Real Social and Government Change

An app like SeeClickFix is certainly useful :)

Simple Desktop Wallpapers

Who doesn’t love some simple and uncluttered desktop wallpapers?

Simple Desktops is a collection of minimal distraction desktop wallpapers curated by Tom Watson.

If you ask me, these are my favourite:

But right now, my work desktop wallpaper is a photo of 九份 I took when I was there for the 2nd time last month:

UK Shorts + Dear Doctor (Closing Film)

Gonna watch UK Shorts this evening!

And Dear Doctor tomorrow night.

Not forgetting that Mao’s Last Dancer is out too :) )

Luckily I didn’t spend $20 on watching this as the Opening Film of Film Fest last week. pheww.

Grab Your Free Pizza! (if you’re in Melbourne)

There is a contagious viral WOM-cum-social-media-marketing going on in Melbourne. And it involves free pizzas, and free lemonades in old jam jars.

And the mystery is one thing that has piqued many’s curiosities. Each person is allowed 1 free pizza each day for 14 days, until April 24. The catch is customers must track down the pizza shop’s location themselves.

There’s a Facebook page, lots of ”have-you-tried?” tweets tagged with hashtag #hidden pizza and a sophisticated website, but no address or phone number. A note on the website tells would-be customers that ‘‘finding the restaurant is easy, just look it up the way you would any other business”.

But that doesn’t mean Googling, but through the good old-fashioned Yellow Pages website. Once you locate the pizza place, you gotta leave you phone number with an operator and sign a release form , allowing organisers to photograph and film you.

Once mandatories are done – proceed to the underground restaurant that is mostly decorated with recycling materials, for your freebies. Oh, how environmentally-friendly is this campaign.

(Via berrytravels)

Despite many bloggers revealing the directions/locations online and ruin the secrecy of it all, may still resort to using Yellow Pages –> which only means this is a successful campaign IF the client is no other than Yellow Pages themselves.

Inquiries to both OMD and Clemenger were redirected to a publicist who insisted the pizza giveaway was a genuine marketing campaign for a new restaurant with long-term ambitions (ya right, IMO). Other sources, however, have confirmed that the entire enterprise was built with a lifespan of just two weeks with the sole reason of demonstrating the power of relationship marketing.

But whatever/whoever is driving this campaign that is commissioned by relationship marketing specialists Clemenger Proximity in collaboration with ad agency OMD, it’s apparently working. Ever since the campaign is launched, Hidden Pizza has been serving 500 pizzas a night, and online exposure has been rocketed to a sky high.

Even competitor Crust Pizza’s highly successful ‘Free Pizza Friday’ promotion that has netted the fast-growing company over 2,000 Facebook ‘Fans’ and 1,800 followers on Twitter lose out to the new-kid-on-the-block. It only took Hidden Pizza just three days to net roughly the same amount of online supporters.

They will soon unveil how visitors to the restaurant can view footage of themselves and then tag it on Facebook – a brilliant way of using the primitive functions of FB to create a viral effect.

Clever use of mysterious elements paired with gastronomical food – you get umpteen food and culture bloggers raving with no extra charges (no Nuffnang in between to charge unnecessary commission).

In my humble opinion, despite some critics penalizing the mechanics of the campaign and criticising it for not being truthful (some alleged that there was some serious astroturfing (pretending to be an average consumer online and posting positive comments about a product, when they actually work for, or on behalf of, the business in question)), I believe this campaign has already achieved its goal of generating enough (positive) awareness. But I can’t judge as yet, since my reading of this campaign is still relatively limited.

But whatever it is,  if you’re in Melby now, what are you waiting for! Grab your free food. Seriously no harm right?

Until 24 Apr.

(After some further reading  –> this may actually be a badly-excecuted campaign?)

Nicest carpark ever

A newly-opened car park in Miami by Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron.

Via dezeen.






And ta-da! You get cute little desktop accessories:

Cubeecraft provides a lot of templates where you get to download and then assemble your favourite character or object.

A good idea as a commercial premium for my clients?

And don’t they just remind you of the Tofu man?

Via HappySnapper99′s photostream.

Learn something new every day

and learn it here!

I love this website to bits!

Do you know that high heels were originally meant for men? And that there is enough fats in the human body to be made into 7 bars of soap? And the King of Hearts is the only king who doesn’t have a moustache in your poker cards while Mona Lisa has no eyebrow? And the creators of Adidas and Puma are brothers??

Oh oh, and how about this: You can’t name a folder ‘Con’ in Microsoft Windows! What the!!!!

Learn new quirky facts everyday and what’s best – you can choose to have them printed on t-shirts. Hmm, I’d believe there will be a much higher appeal if this gets expanded to a whole range of products such as mugs, puzzles, greeting cards, canvas prints etc etc? yes no maybe?

Via geeksugar.

Let’s all be inspired

Getting inspired is soooo energising I believe we ALL need in order to keep us sane in this world of rat race everywhere.

My heart palpates, mind goes racing, eyeballs almost pop out when inspirations kick in, and especially so if I find like-minded people whom I can exchange ideas and interact with.

Without motivations like this, my (already super uber duper ordinary) life will only fade into inexistence, and succumb into living like a walking zombie :(

Only a handful of people I know make me feel like this and I thank them for whatever insights I gain from chatting with them.

Thank you.